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penisHello guys, this is Norman and in this website you are going to find my Penomet review.

Before reaching to this website probably you’ve read review from different websites and forum but still you’ve doubts regarding this penis pumps and want to know if it worth the investment.

The good news for you is that you’ve finally reach to the right place because in this website I am going to share my personal experience of using Penomet penis pump that able you to know how it works for me and at the end of this review you will able to make your final buying decision regarding this penis pump.

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Ok, let’s get started…

What Exactly Is Penomet?

PenometIt is the water assistance penis pump device that is proven and effective to increase penis size naturally. The technique that makes Penomet different from any other penis pumps is the water-based technology. Penomet Penis Pump is designed in such a way that it works with water as well as air. For safety and comfort, many people and manufacturer recommends using it with the water.

Another technique that makes Penomet different from any other penis pumps is various gaiters that can you can attach at the base. When you order your standard pack you’ll get 2 different gaiters that are Force 60 and Force 65 and you have to purchase other gaiters separately. In the Premium package you will get all 5 gaiters that are: Force 60 – Purple, Force 65 – Blue, Force 70 – Black, Force 75 – Greg and Force 80 – Red.

Here are some benefits you will get with this “Water Assistance Penis Pump”

  1. Permanent increase in Penis size
  2. Stronger Erections and More satisfying sex
  3. Visible results in only 15 minutes of use
  4. Scientifically proven to increase penis size
  5. Improve Penis Curvature
  6. Amazing Money-Back guarantee and lifetime warranty of all the parts

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How Does It Work?

Penis contain three chambers in which two are big chambers that are located on the top of penis and one is small chamber that is located under the penis from which you urinate and ejaculate. When you gain erection these two chambers enlarge and start gaining blood. The more blood these two chambers can hold the stronger and longer penis erection you will get.

Penomet GaitersThe good news for you is that you can enlarge these blood vessels and retrained them to hold more blood with the help of Penomet. The main technique that makes this penis water assistance pump different from any other conventional air vacuum pumps is the water balancing technique that applies pressure to all the areas of penis to make it longer, stronger and wider.

Many other conventional air-pumps just focus on compress and expand air without enlarging penis equally as a result some areas enlarge but others not. Unlike other fixed gaiters, Penomet comes in unique design that enables you to apply controllable pressure to your penis. With these gaiters you can control the pressure and avoid causing too much pain.


My Personal Experience:

I am completely honest with you, that is why I am going to include my personal experience in this Penomet review.

penomet before and afterI purchased Penomet Premium Package with all 5 gaiters somewhere in the mid of Oct, 2013 and within five days it arrives into my mail address. Truly speaking, this is not the first penis pump I purchase. Somewhere 10 years ago I purchased my first penis pump and since then I purchase different pumps. I am basically fond of using penis pumps in combination with penis exercises.

In my first session with Penomet device, I was thinking to use all five gaiters from Force 60 (purple) to Force 80 (red) but I can’t get passed to Force 70 (black). I truly impressed with the vacuum pressure these gaiters applied to my penis and there was also not a single drop of water leaked from this pump. Even Force 60 (purple) didn’t lose any single drop of water.

Another thing that truly impressed me was the amount of hot water remain the same though my session. The heated water in this air-tight and water-tight pump allows the proper circulation of blood that make penis stronger and longer. The design is like it created personally for my own penis and my penis responded well all though the session.

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The Only Negative Point I Found in Penomet was…

The inner edge is very sharp and within 5 minutes I start feeling pain and discomfort. I even can’t manage to wear Force 60 (purple) for longer than 5 minutes. After my first session (which was average) I take some time off from pumping and start browsing sites and forum for its remedy.

One of my online friends told me to used shaving razor for trimming the inner edge to create 0.125 radius. After applying his technique WOW!! I can wear any of these gaiters for longer than 5 minutes without causing any pain or discomfort.

For all those people that want to increase their penis size naturally I recommend them to trim the inside edge in case if you feel pain or discomfort.

Will It Work For You?

I am pretty sure you are reading this Penomet review because you want to know if it works for every man. Well, there are many tests done on this device and it is proved that it surely work for every man that apply it as prescribe in the manual provided with this device.

Some people get results from this Penis Pump in their first 15 minutes session and some get even quickly than that. Truly the result depends upon various factors and it is hard to decide how long you will take to get results but one thing is sure and that is 365-days money back guarantee. Manufacturer of this penis pump has full confidence in his product that’s why offering 365 days money-back guarantee with no strict rules.


Customer Reviews:

Here are some reviews:

Final Verdict:

In the end of my Penomet review I can say if you are serious about penis enlargement and ready to combine it with exercises then I recommend you this penis pump without any hesitation. Don’t forget you will get whopping 365 days money-back guarantee to test this device without any risk. Now, if you seriously want to get bigger, thicker and wider penis then purchase Penomet Premium Package for only $297.

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